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A new way of living

30 Mar

In the last month I have found myself obsessed with this topic, this phenomenon, this crisis, which Michael Pollan tries to passionately convey. I can admit my obsession is not so much with Michael Pollan but more the concept of sustainable farming and local eating. I take the time to read the labels carefully; I genuinely want to know where my food is coming from.  I refuse to eat anything that is corn based or contains any form of corn in it; I have changed butcher shops and ask frequently what the animals where feed and how they were raised; I am starting my very own vegetable garden and plan on experimenting with local ingredients. I want to make a difference in the community. I want to inform people of this topic but before I can do all that I have to start with changing myself. Through experience comes knowledge and with that knowledge comes awareness.  I do not plan on changing the world; I am just focused on informing the people around me. In a way I have Michael Pollan and this assignment to thank for this lifestyle change, one I do not plan on turning back on. 




the time is near

30 Mar

the time is near

the season for ontario’s best is quickly approaching

Having had the …

30 Mar

Having had the opportunity to read the Omnivore’s Dilemma, and through working on this project, I have gained a better understanding of the processes to which our food is derived. My eyes have been open to numerous problems and solutions with the industry that produces our food. I, unfortunately alone do not have the ability to make an impact, and one day when I do have the means to support these issues I will start making/purchasing better food choices. I believe this book and this project is going along the right direction to increase awareness and take the steps in the right direction to better our world and the food we eat from it. I think we, as consumers, need to start tailoring the market to increasing product demand for products that come from socially and environmentally better locations. I also believe the government needs to step up the regulations to guide the production of our food. Having no set enforcement of levels for bacteria in our food is frightening. That is one example of an area the government needs to improve upon. We have the ability to make change. Change will occur slowly, but needs to start somewhere.


30 Mar

With the completion of this project I can say that I have learned quite a bit about where our food comes from. Omnivore’s Dilemma has really opened my eyes to the food choices I make however, it does not have a big enough impact to completely resolve this issue. Although this book is a start to raising awareness, a lot more needs to be done in order for us to see a change. It is too big of a problem for such a small portion of the population to be able to make a difference. I can only hope that eventually people will become more aware of the issue and try to change for the better.



This is the end…

30 Mar

As this project comes to an end, our ability to learn will not.  Knowledge is a huge part of being the change you want to see in the world, and this knowledge that I have gained by doing this project has given me more evidence to base my opinions off of.

I wouldn’t say Michael Pollan has completely changed the way I think about food.  Being the pessimist (I like to call this realist) that I am, I can only think of the millions of people who do not care about food as much as I do (or have the ability to care about food the way I do).

It’s funny (actually sad) that  Pollan has written a book to educate people and enlighten them about the agricultural practices and problems we are currently facing, but fails to really talk about all the people who would NEVER have the ability to change the way they eat (or even have a chance to eat).  He seems elitist and ignores the fact that if EVERYONE had the chance to make informed food choices, we would be in a very different predicament.

I think it is great that he has the opportunity to check out George Naylor’s farm.  I think it’s great he had the opportunity to spend a week at Polyface Farm and experience Joel Salatin’s charming character.  I think it’s great he got to go hunting and forage his own food and create a meal using only the ingredients he CHOSE to use.

BUT here is the reality (in my opinion):

  • Most people do not have all these opportunities or the time to travel and experience the world firsthand like Pollan did (does)
  • Most people do not have the time to think about food
  • There are millions of people in the world who would give their right arm to be able to eat a chicken, let alone choose between eating an organic chicken, free-range chicken, or industrial chicken.
  • Most people do not care about who is growing our food and what is going into our food
  • And when people do care, it will be a long time before any big changes can occur



Do the right thing!

29 Mar

I trust you.

Is the move to alternative agricultural practices realistic?

29 Mar