Freedom of Food

1 Mar

Pollan talks about something called the freedom of food; “the freedom to buy a pork chop from the farmer who raised the hog- should be a constitutional right” (Pollan 2006: 236).

Freedom of food is an interesting concept.  There are so many government regulations that prevent the freedom of food.  Yes, I think it is important for there to be regulation in production and processing (i.e. for the safety for human consumption), but I think there should be a lot more leniency for farmers like Salatin who would like to process his own animals on his own farm.

Pollan notes, “For Joel, yet another of the advantages of processing chickens on his farm is that it allows him to keep the whole cycle of birth, growth, death and decay on the land” (Pollan 2006: 237).

Farmers should be able to sell what they produce, as long as it is fit for human consumption!



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