Does the North American diet differ from other countries?

9 Mar

The diet of North Americans most definitely differs from the diets of other countries. North Americans are known to have the unhealthiest eating habits compared to other areas of the world. We are so used to oversized food portions and food being so easily accessible. North Americans can find food absolutely anywhere, whether it is at home, or one of many fast food restaurants just down the street.

Socrates once said “Thou shouldst eat to live; not live to eat.” In North America, food has become more of a social habit rather than us eating only to survive. Not only do we eat in excess, but we also eat a lot of foods that are extremely processed. Many other countries eat a lot of fresh local foods and really know the importance of a good balanced meal. It is important for us to know where are food comes from and be aware of what is in the food we eat.

Today, food is so genetically modified, it makes it almost impossible for us to know what goes into our food. Here in North America, most people eat more than they need, only because the food is so available to us. In other countries people barely have enough food to survive. It goes without saying that we definitely take good healthy food for granted. Other countries such as France take time to savour every bite of their meal. If go you to a restaurant there you should expect to take two hours to finish a meal if not more. On the contrary, in North America we go to restaurants and get annoyed if we are in a restaurant for more than an hour. Our outlook on food as a whole and our food choices vary greatly from that of other countries.



One Response to “Does the North American diet differ from other countries?”

  1. Kerrie Levine 03/27/2012 at 12:29 AM #

    I completely agree about the length of time we expect to sit in a restaurant. It seems as if we don’t care about the cultural aspect of food as much as we care about the convenience of food. Taking the time to enjoy a meal and all it has to offer is one of the greatest things about dining and eating!

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