Joel Salatin: A Grass (Soil) Farmer Pt. 2

9 Mar

Joel Salatin seems like one of the most interesting farmers a person can meet.  Maybe it is because he is so strongly devoted to his beliefs about “proper” food practices, or maybe it’s because he has created an alternative way to produce food.  Whatever it is, Salatin’s innovative farming system is highly regarded and has created a lot of buzz and discussion about alternative farming practices.

In an article I read online, Salatin discusses what he thinks to be the biggest problem with the food industry in the U.S.  As a grass farmer, the number one problem, he explains, is that the food industry destroys soil.  He writes, “the soil is the only thread upon which civilization can exist, and it’s such a narrow strip around the globe, that if a person could ever realize that our existence depends on literally inches of active aerobic microbial life on terra firma, we might begin to appreciate the ecological umbilical to which we are all still attached.”  Salatin is convinced that the food industry actually believes we don’t need soil to live.  Pollan (2006) writes, “since treating the soil as a machine seemed to work well enough, at least in the short term, there no longer seemed any need to worry about such quaint things as earthworms and humus,” (147).  This is the exact reason why Salatin spends so much time and effort keeping his soil and grasses healthy and why he considers himself a grass farmer.

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