Serving Up The Truth

21 Mar

I strongly believe that the government should take part in all aspects of controlling our food production. From the farm, to our plate, every step is important. Policies should be implemented on what should be shelved at groceries stores and what should not. Our country is so mal-informed, that the majority of the population has no thought process of what goes into their mouths, let alone what they are feeding their children or babies. To have control over the growth of crops and animals is excessive, especially when it takes place in another country, but the process is what defines packaged food from fresh. The chemicals and junk that gets added to preserve shelf live is mind-boggling. Restrictions should be enforced on what is actually safe to eat and what should not even be considered consumable.

The government needs to step up their game and start generating some sort of background checks on where food is coming from and how it was handled. The government needs to feel responsible for the safety of its community, especially when it comes to children. Baby food and “healthy” snacks for kids should be tested first before receiving a stamp of approval so that parents feel safe feeding their young ones food that they trust will benefit them. The government must think about the health and wellness of the future generations.



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