Having had the …

30 Mar

Having had the opportunity to read the Omnivore’s Dilemma, and through working on this project, I have gained a better understanding of the processes to which our food is derived. My eyes have been open to numerous problems and solutions with the industry that produces our food. I, unfortunately alone do not have the ability to make an impact, and one day when I do have the means to support these issues I will start making/purchasing better food choices. I believe this book and this project is going along the right direction to increase awareness and take the steps in the right direction to better our world and the food we eat from it. I think we, as consumers, need to start tailoring the market to increasing product demand for products that come from socially and environmentally better locations. I also believe the government needs to step up the regulations to guide the production of our food. Having no set enforcement of levels for bacteria in our food is frightening. That is one example of an area the government needs to improve upon. We have the ability to make change. Change will occur slowly, but needs to start somewhere.



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